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Linda Harding is the chef and proprietor of the Kitchen Sage L.L.C. The business was established in 2003, offering personal chef services and in-home catering. In 2006, the Kitchen Sage expanded its offerings to include catering for small events.

Linda, a native Minnesotan, completed her B.F.A. at the University of Texas at Austin. She learned to cook regional and classic cuisines while living in New Orleans. Upon her return to Minnesota in the mid-eighties, she became very interested in working with organic and locally produced products. Linda has been a member of a community supported agriculture farm for ten years, and is committed to supporting sustainable, local agriculture.

After fifteen years experience working in restaurants, Linda completed her formal culinary education at St. Paul Technical College. She then became the Natural Food Chef for Lunds & Byerly’s, where she represented the natural and organic segment of the company.

Linda worked in sales and marketing for Southeast Minnesota Food Network, promoting sales of local farm products from over 90 small family farms.

Linda is a member of Women Who Really Cook, Les Dames d'Escoffier, Land Stewardship Project, and Slow Food Minnesota.