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Customer Comments

"Thanks again for the extra-special, delicious dinner. You provided a very professional service & a great personal connection. Everyone was saying, ‘Who is your caterer?’ ‘This food is terrific!’ Each salad was unique and equally tasty. Each ingredient stayed crisp or moist as it was supposed to be and the dressings were just right. Thank you so much for making the whole week-end much more relaxing for me."
Barbara, Catering Client

"We are really enjoying the food you cooked for us! We've sampled the salads, the hot-and-sour soup and the ratatouille. All are DELICIOUS. In fact, the tempeh-udon salad is almost gone ... already! The grill flavor really comes through on the tempeh, a satisfying treat. Thank you for taking the time and effort to understand our needs/wants. I especially appreciate the menu that you presented."
Lisa, Personal Chef Client

"Good Morning Linda! You all did such a fabulous job last night. Everything was perfect. I know you were working, but I hope you enjoyed the evening too. Thanks so much, I will let people know about you and your great crew."
Char, Catering Client

"Thank you Linda, Dinner was so wonderful, the help allowed me to really enjoy my dinner and guests, thank you."
Robin, Small Dinner Party Client

"How could we have been so fortunate? A friend had hired the Kitchen Sage to prepare and deliver some of their meals while her family was visiting. She could not say enough good things about the experience. Our crew was coming for ten days over Christmas-time. Our town-house would burst with energy: I wanted very much for us to be out and about. To the rescue, The Kitchen Sage.

Taking us on was not an easy task: 2 ½ year old twins, a picky 8 year old, and their mother, formerly a pastry chef at a well-known San Francisco, French restaurant, all three vegetarians. Two sons and a husband with adventurous palates, and I, myself, unable to eat gluten or dairy. Also, more family would be joining us for Christmas Eve, adding another six people.

The name, The Kitchen Sage, captures the wisdom and talent that Linda Harding commands in meeting such a challenge. It suggests the wonderful flavors that delighted us all. Her wisdom is in the fore in her producing meals that store well, that come to the table readily. Moreover, her food has the extra verve that comes from using the best of ingredients, fresh and organic.

Kudos on end are due, and many thanks."
Lynn, Personal Chef Client