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Dinner Parties

Put the fun back in your entertaining. Hiring The Kitchen Sage to cook all or part of your dinner party allows you to enjoy your guests without all of the work. Whether it is a casual dinner party with family and friends, a business dinner or an elegant multi-course gourmet affair, The Kitchen Sage will make it a success. We will consult together and plan the menu. You will decide how much involvement you want in the preparation and presentation of the menu. The food can be delivered with instructions for heating and serving, or prepared in your home and served course by course. You choose.

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Interactive Dinner Party Classes

The Kitchen Sage leads a hands-on cooking class. You and your guests will do most of the prep, cutting, chopping and cooking. The Interactive Dinner Party will leave you with cooking tips and techniques from a professional chef. And of course, you get to enjoy your delicious dinner!

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